It’s Not You, It’s Me.

Did you just see that tumbleweed roll on by?

I’m sorry, I know it’s been getting dusty and stale here lately but I’m just not feeling the bloggy mojo.  I’m not sure what to blame it on but I do have many logical-sounding excuses.  Want to hear them?

I have serious cabin fever and I have nothing to share but whiny complaints about winnnnter and all of this lousy snooooww. Who wants to hear that?

I’ve been turning off my computer when I leave for work each day to see if it will make any impact on my cripplingly high electric bill.  This means that in order to blog I have to boot up the computer and wait, and who has the patience for that?  Certainly not me.

I’ve been repainting, redecorating and/or rearranging every room in my house lately, and that’s been keeping me busy.

We bought a treadmill recently and threatened each other with harm if we didn’t use it regularly.  We’re now in a I’m-going-to-look-hotter-than-you competition where we’re trying to out-buff each other.  I think Luke’s going to win since he entered the competition with the ability to do more than ten girly push-ups at a time, but still, I’m not giving up.

Anyhow, whatever the reason, I thought I’d drop in today and say hello and apologize for being so quiet.  This weekend the weather is supposed to improve and that makes me feel hopeful.  Maybe I’ll be able to get outside and take some pictures and finally kick this winter funk.

So how are you?



  1. i can’t wait for spring and really look forward to this weekend’s weather and going for a walk outside and not freezing. don’t give up on the challenge you and luke have set. try to see it as a project that has many steps to lead you to a healthier life.


  2. I am curious to hear about your electricity bill and if it goes down from shutting to computer off. I wonder how much juice my giant iMac draws. And I NEVER shut it down. Yikes. Well, I’ll be looking forward to seeing pictures of all the room make-overs. So what’s your excuse for not emailing from work Missy???


  3. I can’t think of anything to blog about either! I seriously wanted to try to be better about it too but all this winter junk is making me feel listless and just…blah. At least you’re getting stuff done around the house…I’ve been a complete bum!


  4. I sure hope you show before and after photos of all the rooms that you’ve been working on! (That there’s a free idear for another blog post.)


  5. Hi, Lisa! Haven’t been over in a while but I feel your pain on the blogging. I am finally trying to get some of my many backlogged posts up and just starting to feel reinspired to take photos. i also did a major reorg of the kids rooms too. That was quite the project, but it lets you organize and purge along the way.

    Just saying hi!


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