This here is a cautionary tale, the moral of which is as follows: beware the scented oil, for it is made with battery acid.

Yesterday, during the SNOWSTORM (that wasn’t), I had a lovely time working in my jammies, waiting for the snow, getting a kick out of the fact that no one was at work but everyone was on Facebook, etc. etc.  After Luke left for work, I cleaned up my work things, put dinner in the oven, and decided to further enjoy my peaceful day by taking a bath.  I brought my cell phone into the bathroom in case I got a call, and proceeded to read and relax and sighh…..

When the water cooled off and I was sufficiently pruny-fingered, I got out, pulled the shower curtain down from the loop it was in over the curtain rod, and knocked a reed diffuser full of Pier 1 citrus cilantro oil onto the floor.  Amazingly the glass container fell bottom side down right onto the bathroom scale, next to where my cell phone was sitting.  Some oil splashed out, I might have cursed a bit, but no big deal.  I wiped off my phone, cleaned up the spilled oil, and went about my evening.

Maybe an hour later I was talking to Luke on the phone, telling him about spilling the oil and how my phone now smells pretty, ha ha ha, and I was thinking that my phone was opening up wider than I remembered but I thought that maybe the oil just greased the hinge.  I had been sifting through a bowl of buttons when Luke called so when I saw bits of plastic on my lap, I figured they were broken buttons from the bowl.  Wrongo.  I got off the phone with Luke and realized that my phone was melting.  Like the Wicked Witch, it was meeellllllting!

I’m not sure if you can really make it out in the pictures, but everywhere the oil traveled, the plastic on the phone started to buckle and blister and then completely crumble and fall apart.  The only thing holding both halves of my phone together right now is hope.  Surprisingly, it still works, but I’m not too thrilled to be putting it up to my face right now.  If that oil can melt plastic, what is it doing to my face?  I’m still in shock and I’m incredibly pissed.  I’m not sure if I should be mad at myself for being clumsy or LG for making a phone out of wimpy plastic, or Pier 1 for selling battery acid as a air freshener.  I’m headed to the Sprint store later today to see if  I can replace this biohazard.  I really loved my phone, they better still have them in stock.

So beware! Achtung! Keep your reed diffusers and their scented oil away from everything.  They’re not kidding when they warn you that the oil can cause damage to surfaces.  It can eat your cell phone, too.


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