My New Etsy Art

Remember this print? One of the two gorgeous prints I won from the Roosevelvet Etsy shop? I wanted to show it to you in its new natural habitat. I framed it in dark maple and hung it on my new grass green walls and yes, it is hanging in my bathroom, but I heard that it was a compliment to hang someone’s art in the bathroom because of all the time we spend in that particular room. Not me, of course, just the collective “we,” anyhow, moving on…

Look at this new beauty that arrived from Crankbunny’s Etsy shop this week.  You need to go visit this shop right now. I bought her Secret Decoder Card for Cameron for Christmas and was blown away when it arrived by the quality and by how lush it was. It was amazing. I happened to see the Lady Fish Paper Puppet when I was browsing around the shop the other day and knew I had to have her.

I had a couple of lovely shadow box frames hanging around, waiting for the perfect inspiration and the Lady Fish was just what I didn’t realize I was looking for.  First off, it’s just a gorgeous piece of artwork. Second, it’s huge – about 15-inches the way I have her in the frame. And third, she came wrapped in purple ribbons in a box with purple duct tape. Everything was just perfect.

I cut some squares of illustration board to use to prop her up from the background, I positioned her perfectly and glued her in place.  Now she’s hanging next to my front door in place of the $2.50 Salvation Army Bob Dillon painting that Luke hated. A welcome change, I would have to say.



  1. That green is a BOLD color choice! I like it! The bravest I got in my bathroom was celery green. Like the mermaid puppet. Wasn’t it daunting to permanently affix her into the frame? The Gemini in me would have a hard time with doing that. LOL!!


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