2009 in Pictures

Sometimes it’s really hard to remember who I told what and where I updated and did I mention this on Twitter already or was it Facebook? Case in point: my 2009 in Pictures video. I forgot I put in on Facebook and linked to it on Twitter but didn’t write about it here.

I FINALLY, finished it yesterday. I spent two hours whittling down my selection of pictures to a reasonable number, and an hour, alone, trying to pick the right song for it. I needed a long song and all of the 6-minute songs I have in iTunes are songs with titles like “So Long Sweet Misery” or songs by Pantera. Not the sappy, year-in-pictures type songs I was looking for.  I settled on a song about a troubled relationship on the brink of a breakup, but hey, it has the right feeling to it when you watch the slide show.

I’m still mad at WordPress for not allowing me to embed videos unless I pay them $60 per year for the privilege, so you’ll have to choose a link to follow in order to watch.  Sorry about that.

Here it is on Vimeo: 2009 in Pictures

Or on Facebook: 2009 in Pictures

Thanks to everyone for making it an amazing year!


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