Ugly Door Update

After the Christmas decorations come down I always wonder how I’m going to put up with so little sparkle in the house for the next eleven months. The place looks stark and boring, no place more so than my ugly front door. Since early December, my Christmas cards covered up the sin that is this particular shade of nasty beige, but now that they’re down, I had to do something.  It’s too cold to paint the door (it’s metal and the paint won’t adhere) so I opted for an easy and removable little bit of pizazz: a vinyl decal.

These pre-cut and ready-to-hang decals can be found at most craft stores.  I got mine at Jo-Ann Etc. for only $14 since they were half off last week. The bird cage came in a set with another 20 x 30″ decal that says “home sweet home” with a decorative border around it.  I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with that one yet.  I’m thinking I might cut it up and use bits of the border in other places. The bird cage was super easy to apply and the vinyl it incredibly forgiving. (Trust me.  Applying a sticky circle to a raised panel door without turning it into a shapeless blob, all the while trying to keep the upright lines plumb… let’s just say there was a lot of removing and reapplying.) And in only about fifteen minutes, my ugly door went from hideous, to fancy!

Pretty neat, huh?  Also, please admire the work of the wonderful, new tripod that Santa Luke bought me for Christmas. Not only is it great for strapping the video camera to your head, it also works perfectly for low-light evening shots!


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