Silhouette Ornaments

I had seen some beautiful silhouette ornaments in early December on someone’s website who linked to someone else’s website…  I really should keep better track.  Either way, those ornaments and the beautiful silhouettes on Nie Nie Dialogues tempted me to finally try making my own.  Only I cheated.  There will be no fussy paper cutting for me.  I’m a trace and paint kind of girl.

I either set up shots like this one (nice hair) to capture everyone’s profiles, or I went through my Flickr stash and tried to find profiles of everyone in the family.  I sized them appropriately to fit on the wooden discs I bought, traced the profile outline from the photos, transferred the outlines to the painted discs, and painted in the shape.  Voila!

I am truly amazed at how each person’s (or dog’s) profile really looks like them and also how incredibly different my sister’s profile is from mine.  Although I think we look alike, we could be strangers based on our profiles.  So interesting!  Can you tell who’s who?

After the paint was dry, I glued that fancy black and white paper to the back side of the discs and hung each ornament from black and white ribbon.  These were a gift for my mom, whose profile shot I didn’t have so I’ll have to add her to next year’s set.  I’m really pleased with how these turned out and I’m thinking of making another set for my Christmas tree.

Tomorrow’s Christmas craft: embroidered iPod cozy



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