Coming Soon

Luke bought me a Flip video camera for Christmas. You know what that means, don’t you?  That means I have to figure out how to work it.

(It also means that WordPress blows because there’s no way I’m paying $60 per year for a video upgrade so I can embed the videos here.  Instead you’re going to have to click on the pictures to go to Flickr and watch the videos, sorry about that.)

Soon you’ll be bombarded with videos of… um, Molly and the birds in my yard? Maybe some dirtbike activity?  I really didn’t need a video camera but it just looked so cool, I wanted it.  And isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

Oh, speaking of Christmas, I’m sorry but I just don’t have any energy left for recapping our Christmas last week so if you’d like to see what our holiday festivities looked like, please check out the Christmas 2009 set on Flickr, and then enjoy this little montage I put together of the boys.  It only took me about an hour and a half and it’s a whole 51 seconds long.  This video camera thing was a great idea, don’t you think?

Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you got the useless gifts you didn’t need but wanted, too!


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