One more week…

I was trying to capture the magic of the glowing Christmas tree in the dark house but all I got was blurry pictures and a confused, sleepy dog who kept trying to lick my face and understand why I was laying on the floor at 1 in the morning instead of sleeping.  (In a related note to Santa, that tripod on my list would have made these pictures come out much better. Hint, hint.)

I’ve become an obsessed crafting insomniac this week and it really needs to stop.  Around 9 each night I get a second wind and realize that there’s so much left to do – things to knit/paint/sew, laundry to wash, carpets to vacuum – and they must all be done before I go to bed!  I don’t think I’ve hit the sack before midnight all week.  Last night I laid down to read at about midnight but my book is interesting and kept me up reading until nearly 1.  At this rate I might just crash and sleep all the way through Christmas day.

Let’s see… there’s one more week until Christmas, two more days of work, one more birthday dinner to host (tonight), one gift to knit, two to sew, and several more thank-you cookies and treats to assemble and bake this weekend.  I think I can make it.

Happy weekend everyone, let the Christmas countdown begin!


One Comment

  1. Hey Lisa, just wanted to let ya know me and my kids made your little
    snowmen as “secret sister” gifts for girl scouts. They came out so
    cute and my kids had a great time. Thanks so much for sharing your
    crafts. Merry Christmas to you and Luke.


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