File This Under “Miscellaneous”

To avoid going another week without updating, today I present to you a collection of random of details hardly relating to eachother.  Hey, look! It snowed.

Wednesday a storm blew through the state and dumped a load of snow on us.  It started out pretty…

…and ended with rain and gloominess and slush. Yuck.  Even the pups didn’t want to go out in it.  Speaking of pups, I’ve had this lump on my floor since last weekend and I can’t get it off.  Any suggestions?

Peanut’s been visiting this week while her lucky parents are soaking up the warm weather in Florida for work.  She’s been a perfect houseguest and she cracks me up each night when she puts herself to bed around 10pm.  We stay up late in our house – last night I turned in around midnight – but Miss P will quietly get up from her bed in the living room around 10pm and head down to find a rug in one the bedrooms where it’s quiet and dark and the floors are warm from the wood boiler.

Unfortunately this means that she’s ready to get the day started at 5:30am, but a sharp “SSHH!” generally quiets her down and she goes back to sleep until 7am when Molly and I are ready to get up.

Speaking of warm, (?) I’ve been a knitting machine lately, cranking out these winter hats at an alarming rate.  Can you see the skull and crossbones?  I love this pattern.  This one’s for Alex, I thought he might like the pom pom.  I made one for me and one for Cameron, too.

Well that just about sums up this week.  Looking ahead, my mom had a birthday on Tuesday which we’re celebrating along with my dad’s birthday this Sunday, and Saturday is the big family Christmas party at my sister’s house.  Today I have a work holiday luncheon of Thai food that I’m pretty excited about.  Let’s kick the holidays off in chocolate-covered, high-calorie style!  Have a great weekend, everyone.



  1. Thanks for the good laugh Lisa. That is so typical. Greyhounds are like machines and total creatures of habit. But I’m glad to hear that she’s been a good girl for you. And just for the record, there’s not too much sunshine inside the basement of this convention center!!!! uuugh. See you soon . . .


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