Winner! Winner!

I guess have to start by thanking the Gilmore Girls.  You see, I used to read the recaps of the Gilmore Girls episodes on Television Without Pity and the ones written by Pamie were my favorites. I poked around and found Pamie’s website, which eventually led me to her friend Glark, and Glark led me to the Damn Hell Ass Kings, which led me to Thursday Night Smackdown, who so generously hosted a contest to win merch from Roosevelvet’s Etsy shop.  Which I won.  So thank you Gilmore Girls!

Actually, thank you Nathan from Roosevelvet for your generous contribution, and thank you Michelle from TNS for picking me!

I chose these two beauties from the shop as my super prizes:

Let Them Grow print

Contarex Special SLR Camera print

Beautiful, aren’t they?  I’m so excited to get them in my hot, little hands.  I’m sure they are twice as gorgeous in person.  Go now to the Roosevelvet Etsy shop and buy everything he has in stock!  I recommend this one and this one (my third and fourth choices).


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