Still Thankful

I really have nothing new to say this week so I hope that it’s not too late to talk about last week’s excitement: Thanksgiving.

My sister hosted a delicious turkey dinner, and can I just stop right now and say check out her amazing, new kitchen?  It’s gorgeous as is, but if you ever saw it pre-renovations with its 1950’s design and ancient Thermador appliances, you’d be twice as blown-away.

Anyhow, dinner began with a Thanksgiving pledge read by Cameron, then we enjoyed champagne, turkey pinwheels, and butternut lasagna (YUM!) and then we retired to the living room to groan about being so full and play Wii archery.

(Yes, that’s a Christmas tree in the background. Someone likes to get the holidays started early…)  Cameron and Uncle Luke kicked Wii butt in archery and Alex and I played with our Wii frisbee dogs.  I love that Wii, I wish Santa would bring me one of my own.

Unfortunately he’d also have to bring me a TV like Andrea’s. Seriously. Look how clear it is.  It wouldn’t be the same on my ancient 25″ screen.  Either way, it was a lovely day spent with bits of both of our families for whom I am always thankful. I hope everyone had such a nice Thanksgiving day that you’re still talking about it a week afterward like I am.  Trust me, I could talk your ear off about that butternut lasagna (similar to this one but without the mushrooms – did I mention, YUM?).



  1. OOOh! Love Andrea’s kitchen… I can’t picture how it is oriented. I think I remember walking into her house and that there was a little cutout that looked into her kitchen… can’t wait to see it at the Christmas party!


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