A Walk in the Woods

I was excused from jury duty today (thank the gods of justice, also the Thanksgiving holiday next week) and took advantage of my few hours of lovely afternoon weather.

The sun was warm and there was a slight nip in the air, the geese were flying overhead and the fall colors were glowing.  (Are you gagging yet on my sappy ode to fall? Just wait till I break out on song…)

I can’t help it, it was just such a beautiful afternoon after a frosty, gray morning that looked like it could snow at any moment.  Plus I’m in love with my new zoom lens.

Also somebody got a haircut today with a professional skunk wash to try to get rid of the stink once and for all, so there’s something else to be happy about.




  1. That photograph of the Bird’s nest is gorgeous, It’s lovely to see sunny weather too instead of rain..

    All things nice…


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