The St. Martin Story I Owe You

It was gorgeous. The end.

Seriously, that pretty much sums it up.  Of the nearly 300 pictures on my camera, here’s what about 90% of them are:





Gorgeous, right?  End of story.

OK, OK, I know you want details… let me consult Twitter so I can remember what we did.

A smooth, easy three hours and fifty minutes from JFK Airport and we went from this:

To this:

I highly recommend traveling with friends who are familiar with the place you are visiting.  It couldn’t have been easier following the two of them around and having our own personal driver and tour guides.  It didn’t take long for us to fall into a lazy routine.

Here’s a typical St. Martin day:  Most mornings my internal alarm clock woke me around 6:30 and I’d get up and leave the world’s most comfortable king-sized bed with Luke still happily asleep in it.  I’d take my camera and my iPod and go walking around the grounds of the Royal Palm, where we were staying.  I’d check my email with the free wi-fi at the pool, brag about the weather on Facebook, take some pictures of the gorgeous views, grab a coffee at the nearby deli, and then around 8:30 or so, make my way back to the room where the sleepyheads were waking up and we were ready for breakfast.

We’d mull over which nearby breakfast place to visit, go have a leisurely breakfast with fresh fruit and pastries and fresh-squeezed juices, then return to the hotel room to change into our swimsuits and decide which beach to visit that day.  We’d pack up the car and make our way to the beach where we’d bob in the water, lay under a sun umbrella, and generally laze around all day.

We’d leave the beach in the late afternoon and head back to the hotel to shower and change, then head out for dinner.  After dinner we might go back to the favorite bar across from the hotel, The Lady C, or the awesome piano bar up the road, The Red Piano.  We’d head back home, go to bed and start all over the next day.  It was lazy, it was relaxing, and it was exactly what we all needed.

A couple of days we went to Dawn Beach where the waves were gentle and the water was warm.

One day we went to Orient Beach where the waves were raging and I came close to breaking my (still swollen and sore) nose by grasping for my sunglasses a bit too aggressively as I was being taken down by a wave.

And one strangely overcast day we went to Baie Rouge.  There were times during that day where the sun was making my skin burn while, at the same time the raindrops fell and soaked my book.  So strange.  We had stopped at Baie Rouge earlier in the week as we were driving home from Orient Beach and I have to say that it might just be the prettiest beach on St. Martin.  Don’t you agree?

One night we took advantage of the resort’s sunset catamaran cruise and enjoyed free rum punch and this gorgeous view:

A couple of days we went to the shopping town of Philipsburg to price out camera lenses and perfume.  Check and check.  One super sweet deal on a 70-300 zoom lens, a good price on Light Blue, and I was a happy girl.  We even got to check out the town without any other shoppers when we went on Sunday, not realizing that all of the shops would be closed.

Other than that, it was just a lot of relaxing, a little gelato, some hanging by the pool, a bit of snorkeling, and a whole lot of amazing views of this beautiful island.  Sigh…

So I heard it was snowing while I was gone…

Want to see more pictures of Paradise?  The whole Flickr set is here: St. Martin/St. Maarten 2009



  1. Gorgeous photos! Esp love the pinkish colored sunset and the last sunset with the sailboat. That looks like a gorgeous place. I want to go play in those waves with my kiddos!


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