I’m at the point in my pre-vacation hysteria that I’m not sure I can even write coherent sentences.  I’ve been so busy being busy that I haven’t been able to tell you about my crazy trip preparations; or the fact that Luke switched positions at work and is now working second shift driving tractor trailers; or that I decided I needed to paint my bathroom before we left for vacation. INSANITY.

Add to that fun, the delightful gift from Molly last night: a thorough skunking.  Repeatedly bathing my dog with vinegar (which really works and doesn’t turn your poor dog pink, although does make her smell like a salad) was not at all what I had planned to do last night.  Waking up smelling — and I swear tasting — skunk is not what I was hoping for this morning.  I can smell skunk in my clothes, in my car, in my office at work — I think I’m going to grab my passport and my snorkel gear, set fire to the house and all of my skunky clothes, and head straight for St. Martin.

If you miss me next week, feel free to check on me over at Twitter.  I hear that our resort has free wi-fi so I think I might use Twitter as a lazy travel journal.  That way, in a week or so when we come home, where undoubtedly it will be cold and possibly snowing, I can look back on tweets like “spent all day on the beach” or “can’t believe it’s 85 degrees and sunny EVERY DAY here” and cry.

Have a great week everyone, I will bombard you with photos and stories of the tropical paradise of St. Martin when I return!



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