Right…so, how is everyone?

Less than 12 hours after returning from Albany last weekend, I started to feel a bit off.  Sore throat, sore everything, exhausted, generally blah.  Thus began the Albany Plague The Just Won’t Go Away.  Almost everyone who went to Albany last weekend has some form of this sickness and at least two of them are being treated for bronchitis.  I refuse to believe that I have bronchitis but I do have something that WON’T END and which left Luke and me laying on the couch all day yesterday watching back-to-back movies and taking turns making tea and fetching the Advil Cold & Sinus.

The annoying thing is that every other day I feel like I’m over it.  In fact on Saturday, Luke and I were running around being productive all day, at one point even helping our friends hay their fields and stack bales in the barn.  We felt great!  The next day, we were limp and useless.  What the heck?  So rather than talk about how miserable I feel, I think I’ll keep the posting light again until I have the energy to pull out the camera again and show you what I’ve been doing in my moments of feeling well.  I hope you’re all healthy and I’ll be back soon.


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