A whirlwind and relaxing trip to the Cape was the perfect way to shake off the stress and chaos of a busy week of work.  Our big opening reception went off well last week at work, so I left instructions for everyone in my absence and hit the road with Luke for two nights in Falmoth Port with friends.  Unfortunately we also spent the weekend at the Cape with the rain, but still.  It wasn’t work.  I was happy.

On Saturday afternoon, the ladies headed out for a little shopping and looking around.  Even in the rain, the Cape is adorable.  We stopped at a marsh walk (in Dennis? maybe?) during a brief break in the rain.  And brief it was.  We had walked form the parking lot down to the beginning of the wooden walkway when one of the ladies pointed off in the distance and said something to the effect of RAIN!  Or maybe RUN!  You could see the wall of water coming toward us and we ran as best as we could in flip flops through the potholed, gravel parking lot.  We were soaked.  I bought a Cape Cod tea towel at the general store (yes, I am an old lady and I collect tea towels, shut it) and I had to use it to dry off my camera.

We spent the rest of the time at the Cape in the house, but don’t feel bad for us.  I don’t think I’ve laughed as much all year as I did this weekend.  Look, in every picture someone is laughing (or sticking out their tongues for some reason).  Above is our lovely hostess, Gina, and below is her husband Mike and brother-in-law Marc.

Here Marc’s wife Kelly and Gina crack up over something.

Good times were had by all and we can’t thank Gina and Mike enough for such a fun weekend!


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  1. I miss my Bagel Boys! It’s funny how much the phrase “It’s a small world” becomes more realistic the older I get. It’s like six degrees of separation from Bagelz! Thanks for the memories!


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