Mad About Mad Men


And really not in a good way.

I finally climbed out from the rock I’ve been living under and got Mad Men Season 1 from Netflix.  I was immediately in love – the clothes! the sets! the 1950s gender roles! all the smoking and drinking! – but now that I’m 3/4 through the first season, I’m starting to lose the love.

For those of you who have seen it, tell me it’s just a hump I have to get over.  Also tell me why in the world Peggy slept with Pete after he talked to her the way he did (twice) and why hasn’t Don thrown him out the window?  He makes me want to crawl into the TV and choke him.  Even sweet Betty is starting to irritate me with her sad, pouty little face, and I’ve started to love Joan, despite her being, you know, Joan.  For those of you who haven’t seen it, sorry, that made no sense, I know.

Another problem I have is that I feel like I’m missing so many inside jokes and inferences.  There are knowing glances and raised eyebrows and I’m just not following what they’re all about.  I want to keep watching, but last night I had to force myself to finish the last episode on the DVD when all I really wanted to do was toss some cold water on Peggy and throw a shoe at Pete.  Also, the flashbacks of Don’s (or should I say “Dickie’s”) awful childhood?  What the heck.

OK, I’ll stop.  Someone please just tell me if this is worth the frustration.  Also, where can I buy the Drapers’ headboard?

(Image above from, a fun waste of time.  I’m the vixen in the fur-trim dress with the martinin. Couldn’t you tell? Hey, if I get to choose a Mad Men version of me, I get to have great hair and contact lenses.)



  1. Hang in there. The characters aren’t there to love, but to love to hate. Did you do the unthinkable and watch the premiere of Season 3 last night before viewing Season 2? You might not to be too happy with it, either. Amuse yourself with the fashion and decor, and try to stifle the urge to slap people like Pete! 🙂


    1. No, I don’t get AMC so I couldn’t cheat and watch the premiere of season 3 even if I wanted to!

      I’m still loving the clothes and the sets so I think I’ll take your advice and just keep watching.


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