An Update (of sorts)

I don’t know what’s happened to me lately, but the Internet suddenly makes me feel overwhelmed and exhausted.  I’ve been juggling several large projects at work and my brain is so tired at the end of the day that all I want to do is sit on the couch and watch something brainless on TV like Romancing the Stone, which I’m doing right now.

I keep thinking I should write about something, but unless you want to hear about the 57 multi-page press clips (so far) that I’ve scanned, edited, and archived; or how I yelled at a contractor today; or how I locked myself out of my office this morning, well I’ve got nothing much to tell.

So how about some pictures of my friends’ kid?  She’s cute.

This is Kristy.  We spent Friday evening with her and her parents in Colchester where the sunsets are amazing.

Then there was Saturday… what did we do Saturday?  Oh, I remember.  We made one very nice and saintly patient man named Jose want to quit his job as waiter at Azteca Grill.  We went there Saturday night with our neighbors and an out-of-town friend.  This friend and this neighbor both like to tell stories and get loud and pester waiters.  I’m surprised that Jose didn’t call security and have us thrown out.  He most definitely earned his tip and then some. Muchas gracias, Jose.

Sunday? Hmm… nothing much happened. It was chilly. I wore a sweatshirt and we talked about firing up the wood boiler.  Then Mother Nature laughed at us today and apparently let the Heat Miser take over. Hello ninety-four degrees! Haven’t seen you in a while.  My plans to muster the energy to make jalapeno jelly tonight were thwarted by the thought of standing over a pot of boiling water in the 90-degree kitchen.  Maybe tomorrow.

Well, that should just about get you caught up.  There are a couple of new things in my Etsy shop, should you care to take a peek.  More things are coming later this week.  I promise to get over my recent Internet aversion and update again before the week is over, but right now Joan Wilder is calling.


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