Alive and Well

You thought I’d dropped off the face of the earth, hadn’t you?  I considered it, but decided against it.  I’m back, alive, well-rested, tan (well, freckled, but that’s as tan as I get), and drop-dead tired.  Is it possible to be well-rested and drop-dead tired?  Yes, I think it is.

This was, by far, the most relaxing vacation we have ever been on and it was kicked off with a blissful five days at Lake Arrowhead in Limerick, Maine.  Friends of ours own a house up there and we stowed away in the back of another friend’s truck so we could join in on their lake weekend.  Molly had the best seat.  On a PILLOW.  Such a princess.

We had no cell phone service, no Internet, and no car, so we were forced to sit, relax, and unwind.  No problem.  There was much reading, and kayaking and general water-floating.  Molly insisted on being on my lap during all of these activities.

So in addition to being relaxed and tan and tired, I’m also bruised and scratched because those doggie toenails? They mean business.  The only thing keeping Lake Arrowhead from being Paradise, itself, was the horseflies.  Or deer flies.  Whatever they were, they were relentless and they went after Molly especially bad.  Luckily we found that if she wore a hat, they stayed away.

This is my favorite picture, and pretty much the perfect pictorial representation of our entire vacation.  Life is Good.  Yesssss.

Unfortunately, as is usually the case, the best moments of the trip weren’t captured on camera.  Like the first morning when I was trying to show one of our friends who had never been in a kayak before that, it’s not hard! and don’t worry about tipping over! and then I accidentally flipped my fully-clothed self over and tackled her other fear – which was tipping over and not being able to get out – by falling right into the lake.  Yay me.

Then the next day, our other friend, Roland, did the same thing to himself – although he was wearing a bathing suit at the time – which prompted my second favorite picture of the trip, which is Luke busting a gut laughing at Roland.

I was pampered by an entirely no-cook vacation.  While at home, either we went out to eat or Luke cooked for me, and in Maine, our friends did the cooking, including pancakes with freshly-picked blueberries from the backyard.  I didn’t make anything more complicated than a margarita for a full ten days.

And now I’ve done tired out my vacation-shriveled brain and can think of nothing else to say, so I’ll just leave you with more gorgeous pictures from the rest of our stay at Lake Arrowhead.  Anyone feel like bringing me a margarita?



  1. That “Molly’s ears picture” cracked me right up. And your kayak stories scared me. Looking at the pictures of the kayaks they don’t look that easy to tip. I’ll be thinking about this on our next kayak trip. Thanks for instilling the fear . . . just after I thought I got over the dreadful fear of tipping over.


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