Peach Pi

This week is trying to break me.  Work has been colossally frustrating, after work has been busy-busy getting things ready for our vacation next week, and I am downright exhausted.  We were planning to have another at-home summer week but at the last-minute were invited to our friends’ lake house in Limerick, ME for a few nights starting on Friday.  I’m excited to get away, but at the same time, the older I get, the harder it seems for me to switch gears mentally and wrap my head around all that will be needed for two adults and one dog for four nights away in Maine where it could be warm and we will boat and swim, or it could be cold and we’ll be trapped inside needing things to do and, of course, eat.

In between flopping on the couch in exhaustion and making lists of things to pack, I’ve been trying to tackle that box of peaches I bought last Sunday at the Farmers’ Market.  They were starting to fade faster than I could process them into the delicious-sounding ginger peach butter I’m planning to make, so last night I went through the box to pick out the last few that weren’t too soft or starting to rot and look what I found.

It’s no face of the Virgin Mary, but that is clearly a Pi symbol.  A “Peach Pi.”  Get it?  Maybe I’m just too tired, but that was pretty funny to me at ten o’clock last night.  I almost hate to peel it and puree it into butter.

Anyhow, we’re off tomorrow for a few days.  The weather looks promising, but I’ve been tricked by Maine and its moody weather in the past so I’m not banking on sunny skies.  Just hoping.  And crossing my fingers and toes.  There’s no Internet at the lake house but I’ll be posting pictures as soon as we get home, to be sure.  Enjoy your weekend, and cross your fingers for me, would you?

Also, if you’re looking for something awesome to do this weekend, please go see Children of Eden, presented by Southington Summer Stage, the show my friend Amanda is directing and that I would be going to see if this trip hadn’t been sprung on me this week.  Go and take notes so you can tell me about it when I get back.



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