Sunday, Lovely Sunday

After an early breakfast and seeing Luke off to do some work at his mother’s house, I decided that maybe I’d take advantage of the lonely, gray Sunday morning and head to the flea market in Mansfield.

Just a side note here, I always call that flea market – the one at the Mansfield Drive-In – THE flea market because I know of no other.  I’ve never been to another flea market and in my mind that is THE flea market.  Whenever I tell anyone I’m going to, or have just been to the flea market, they ask me, “oh, which one?”  Which one?  The ONLY one.  Is there another flea market in Connecticut that I don’t know about?

Anyhow, I dressed in layers – because I learned my lesson the last time I went to the flea market when was so cold I couldn’t feel my fingers as I counted out my dollar bills – and headed out to the flea market.  The one in Mansfield.  I got there just as it opened, but unfortunately the rest of Connecticut was jonesing for some bargain-hunting, too, and everyone and their mother’s girlfriend was there  getting in my way.  It was crowded and the crowds seemed to encourage the sellers to raise their prices and suddenly value their crap a whole lot more.  If I heard one more person – there, allegedly to SELL stuff – say “well, that’d fetch $40 in Brimfield” I was going to punch them in the nose.  With all due respect, we’re not IN Brimfield.  We’re in a crummy, dusty drive-in in Mansfield.  I’ll give you five bucks.

I did manage to find a few good things and left the flea market with roughly thirteen yards of fabric that totaled about $12 all together.  That, and some rusty bottle openers because, well, why not?  You can’t ever have enough of those, can you?

From the flea market I went to the Farmers’ Market and had the luxury of strolling around in the gorgeous sunshine – did I mention that the sun came out as I was leaving the flea market? Glory be! – browsing the stands before the market officially opened and the crowd rushed in.  I bought a coffee and sat on an old wood bench and marveled at how completely gorgeous this day was turning out to be.

I bought veggies to pickle, got free flowers and blueberry-zucchini bread for being a “Friend of the Market”, talked to a very nice lady about cheesemaking and why she thinks my mozzarella might not be coming out correctly, and then grabbed a 1/2 bushel box of the “junk” peaches (the uglies, as I like to call them) for only $5.  That’s a lot of peaches.  Luckily I have a plan.  Well maybe not a plan, more like a book.

This gorgeous book came in the mail on Saturday and I am irrationally excited about making jams and jellies now.  Also pickles and chutneys and who knows what else.  It’s chock full of interesting, simple recipes and has been completely inspiring.  Also it has about a dozen recipes involving peaches, so there’s that.

Back home with my loot, I opened up the patio umbrella and made myself a cool drink to sip while I bookmarked peach recipes.  It’s sort of my take on a cherry lime ricky with crushed fresh cherries, limeaid, and seltzer.  Delicious.

Shortly after I sat down, Luke came home and we soaked in the sun while snacking on kettle corn and queso fresco from the Farmers’ Market and marveling at the fact that we’ve now had three fantastic days of weather in a row.  Amazing.  It truly was a lovely Sunday.


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  1. When are you going to make me one of those drinks? My God it looked good? And next time let me know when you’re going to THE flea market. I wanna go too. And where’s Brimfield anyway? I need to consult a map.


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