Weekend Wrap-Up

Let’s see, how can I possibly catch up?  How about some more pictures with short captions instead of proper stories to go with them.  Yes, that sounds like a plan.

Friday was Cameron’s birthday party.  There was a rockin’ bouncy castle with a basketball hoop and a slide.

I made a cake shaped like a castle with a blue frosting moat and graham cracker drawbridge.

It was lovely.  And then it rained.  AGAIN.

This made Bella sad. (Bella is my cousin Mandi’s daughter. She’s so cute it hurts to look at her.)

Presents were opened while the rain fell and it made me so happy that he yelled “Mommy! SCIENCE!” when he opened the microscope we gave him.  He also didn’t want to go back outside after that.  He wanted to stay in and “do science”.  How cool is that?

Saturday we went to Amanda and Greg’s for their annual 4th of July Party and Fireworks Extravaganza.

We ate red velvet cupcakes and visited with friends.

Then we played with sparklers…

And sampled some of Target’s finest fireworks.

(Filler photo, unrelated to the next story)  Sunday I took my sister and the boys to the farmers’ market for their first visit.  It was a beautiful day and the market was crowded and lively.  I didn’t bring my camera, figuring we were just going to the market. Boy, was that the wrong choice.  We had bought all of our goodies and were standing in line for the Italian ice when a man tapped my sister on the shoulder and asked her very nicely if she knew there was a frog in her bag of lettuce.  Now that’s fresh!  There was indeed a good-sized frog trapped in her bag, trying to figure out how it got there.  We released it into the shady ferns and laughed all the way home.

(More filler photos.) Sunday afternoon we headed to our final party of the week and although I brought my camera along, I didn’t take it out.  I was exhausted, and decided to put strawberry shortcake in my hands instead of the camera.  It was a beautiful afternoon in the always gorgeous South Glastonbury.  We visited and chatted until I was so tired I didn’t think I could possibly make it home.  It was truly a beautiful, fun, amazing weekend.

So there you go, now we’re all caught up.


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