Chaos and Flowers

This weekend kicks off a week and a half of relaxation and parties that begins with a Friday afternoon hair appointment and ends with me dying of fun at the close of next weekend.

Friday we bring our friends’ camper to Luke’s cousin’s house to get ready for the big graduation party/summer pig roast extravaganza on Saturday.  There will be lots of food and SUNSHINE! and a live band.  I’m very excited.  At some point between now and then I have to make a million or so mini devil dogs for the party.  After probably staying up way too late Saturday night, I have to leave the party grounds Sunday morning to meet my sister at my house at noon to leave for a few days in Maine.

We’ll be in Maine playing on the beach, visiting the zoo and outlets, and generally having an awesome time until Wednesday when we come back and switch gears into birthday party mode.  Cameron’s 7th birthday party will be on Friday and I’ve promised to make his cake.  He requested one with a jousting match, a castle, queens, and knights fighting.  Also he wants it chocolate and vanilla.  Hmm… not sure how that one’s going to turn out.

The next day is the 4th of July which is PAULA’S BIRTHDAY! and also our favorite annual 4th of July party in Farmington for which I have to make something delicious.  After that I plan to go to bed early and not do anything until Monday.

This week has been chock full of preparations for the upcoming fun and I can’t believe it’s only Wednesday.  Monday was shopping day where I got almost everything I needed.  Yesterday was sewing day – because of course I need a new camera bag, headband, makeup bag, and the summer blouse from my Weekend Sewing book before I go.  The shirt needs to be finished, hopefully tonight in between all of the cooking.

Yes, tonight is cooking night.  I need to make a freeze a few meals for my not-helpless husband.  He could cook for himself, but I feel bad leaving to have fun while he’s slaving away at work.  I’m also going to make a batch of yogurt to bring to Maine, I’m going to make attempt #2 on the mozzarella, and I’m going to prep the desserts I’m bringing to the 4th of July party.  Oh, also the million mini devil dogs.  Are you tired yet?

I still have to buy the rest of Cameron’s birthday gift, finish up some crafting, and pack for two separate trips.  Phew!  I’m going to need a vacation after this vacation.  But I’m not complaining.  Barbecue, friends, beach, family, cake, and more friends?  Sounds perfect to me.



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