This and That

I was in the garden yesterday taking pictures of this,

(because, seriously, is there anything more gorgeous that a ready-to-burst peony bud covered in water droplets? And an inch worm?) when I looked up and spotted this:

Now THAT is pretty awesome.  I was standing about three feet from the feeder.  I was also talking on the phone to my dad and holding a large, menacing camera but he didn’t seem to mind.

Sorry, I’m like a photographic broken record with the garden pictures and the hummingbirds but there isn’t much else going on at the moment so it’s either this, or I can recap the 28 episodes of 30 Rock I’ve watched in the past week.  You choose.


One Comment

  1. I love the garden pictures! I wish a hummingbird would come to our feeder….we just get ants in it :-/ And you can re-cap 30 Rock if you want….I’ve only seen commercials for it but want to watch it. But am one of those who need to see the back eposiodes before watching the current ones. I should go try to rent the back ones!


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