Boring Report

What a gorgeous weekend.  I would like to order a repeat of it please.  Unfortunately the amazing weather made us want to do nothing more than sit and enjoy it; therefore I have nothing to report and more pictures of Bertha to show.  She hung around until Sunday morning when I saw her loping off toward the woods.  In her wake she left a field of potholes that look like deployed landmines.  I guess she was indecisive about her nesting spot.

These pictures are from Saturday night when we had some friends over for a cookout and saw her climbing our neighbor’s pile of topsoil.  That, there, is my size 9 Teva on her back, for reference.  She gave it back.  Good thing, those babies are brand new.  I’m not sure she ever laid any eggs.  All of the holes she dug were left uncovered.  Maybe she changed her mind.  Too many weird humans around balancing shoes and tape measures on her back.

The rest of our Saturday was lovely: dinner and drinks on the deck by candlelight with friends.  Beautiful weather, good food (if I do say so myself).  Then Sunday came – another gorgeous day – and you know what Sunday was… opening day!

I brought my camera, intending to document the opening day of the Farmers’ Market, but instead took two crowd shots, two shots of signs I liked, and the chatted with Heather and Paula so long that I had to grab my tomato plants and run home with my goodies before Luke called wondering if I’d been kidnapped.  These signs were my favorites.  They were all over the field where we park.  And isn’t it true?  Caution rocks!

I bought the standard bag of crack-sprinkled kettle corn from Keifer’s, seven amazingly gorgeous, incredibly cheap, huge, healthy tomato plants from Topmost Herb Farm, and a head of lettuce as big as a beach ball from Crocker Farm.  See?

Seriously, a beach ball.  And only $3.  We had salads with leftover cod and potatoes from Saturday night’s dinner and sat on the deck wondering how we got so lucky to have such a wonderful weekend.  And then we fell asleep.  Really.  Luke laid down around 5:00pm for bed.  I was sleepy, too, so I laid down with him for a little nap and then the alarm went off at 10:45pm.  I can’t believe I did that.  My internal alarm usually wakes me up after an hour – not last night.  I was so mad at myself for sleeping instead of doing all of the chores I meant to do that after Luke left for work, I stayed up when until after 2am trying to finish everything.  I figured I’d gotten a good five or so hours of sleep already so breaking it up and getting another four or five would be fine.  Wrong.  So very wrong.  And we’re out of coffee at the house, too.  Not my best morning.

So there you go.  My weekend: turtles, food, friends, Farmer’s Market, more food, sleep.  God, I’m boring.


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