The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

farmers market

After Christmas and my birthday, there’s no other day I’ve looked forward to with such excitement as the day the farmers’ market would reopen.  Since the end of last October, my Sundays have seemed empty.  I would drive past the marketless Hale Homestead and feel sad.  But sad no more!  This Sunday the market opens again and I’ll be there with bells one.  OK, maybe not bells.  More like flip flops, but I’ll be there!

(Heather will be there, too, selling her lovely wares and I’m working on my social anxiety breathing techniques right now so by Sunday I might have the nerve to actually introduce myself.)

This year’s market promises to be even better with new vendors selling diary, fresh granola, coffee and pastries, and Cato Corner Farm cheese!  This Sunday there will also be an extravaganza of baby animals, sheep shearing, lessons on seed planting – and much to Luke’s chagrin – a workshop on starting and maintaining your own flock of CHICKENS!

Stay on top of market happenings by following the Coventry Farmers’ Market on Twitter at CoventryFM or subscribe to the newsletter here.  See you Sunday!


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