Luke called me at work today to tell me that he heard a strange thud when unloading firewood from his truck and on further inspection, realized that he had thrown a 60-lb log on top of a snapping turtle who was hiding in the wood pile.  Don’t worry, she can take it.

I’ve talked about our exciting June turtle action before, and we’re now in the thick of it.  It appears that Big Bertha, as I like to call her, has once again returned to lay her eggs.

When I got home from work, Molly and I went out to the wood pile to see if we could find her.  Molly found her first.

Normally cranky snapping turtles enter sort of an egg-laying trance and pretty much ignore everything going on around them so we were fairly safe, but still not 100% trusting in this dinosaur.

That measuring tape is a few inches above her shell – as I wasn’t interested in having her snap out of her trance to take my hand off – and her shell measured about 14-inches long and 10-inches wide.  Luke measured her, nose to tail this afternoon and said she was about 27-inches long.

Yikes!  I was hoping to capture some egg-laying in progress but she was still digging with her back feet when we were watching.  I’ll keep my eye out for her later tonight and see if I can catch her on the move.

Crazy, right?  I think this might be my favorite time of year.  Also I’m happy she chose the corner of the driveway and not my freshly tilled vegetable garden to lay her precious eggs.  Stay tuned for more turtle updates!



  1. Wow, that is cool. Stupid question: How do you know it’s a snapper by looking at it? I need a lesson.


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