I have this overwhelming cloud of annoyance hanging over my head this morning and can find nothing but whiny complaints to write about.  I’ve started and deleted three woe-is-me posts already.  You don’t need to hear that.  So, look!  Pictures of my nephew Alex and his ginormous blue eyes should distract me from the whine.

We were at the world’s coldest late-May little league game for his brother Cameron, but the players were all on the other side of the chain link fence which makes shooting difficult.

Plus it’s a league of six and seven year-olds so the action is… limited, shall we say.  But on our side of the fence, Alex was sharing my Smartfood and Passion Tea Lemonade and we were all having a silly good time.

Pretending he didn’t want me to take his picture (I know better)…

…laughing and being silly…

…and giving Eskimo kisses.  Do you see Andrea’s coat, sweatshirt, AND scarf?  I told you it was cold!  See?  Wasn’t that much better than whining?


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