Young at Heart

Although the calendar tells me that I’ll be a whole year older in less than two weeks, lately I’ve been wondering if I’ve grown up at all.

I’ve been lazily hunting for Vera Wang scents after following a woman around the TJ Maxx to ask her what perfume she was wearing because she smelled so nice.  She didn’t know the exact scent, but knew it was Vera Wang.  I haven’t actually gone to a perfume counter – that would be too easy –  but anytime I see a Vera Wang perfume ad in a magazine, I sniff it, hoping to find the right scent.  I was at the TJ Maxx again last week and happened upon a Vera Wang Princess body lotion, and based on the box’s description, thought this might be the right scent.  I bought it, tried it out and, although I don’t think it’s the right one, I think I’m close.  I think maybe it’s Rock Princess I want.

So I trot on over to Amazon to look for both of them and find that what Amazon recommends to purchase along with Princess and Rock Princess is the Jonas Borthers’ CD and High School Musical 3. Hmm…  Then I find that there’s a Princess website which is pink and animated and way too teeny-bopper for me to be poking about on.  Rock Princess isn’t any better with the hearts and stars and the “You Rock” slogan everywhere.  And now I’m thinking that I picked out a teen fragrance as my new favorite.  And also I’m thinking what teenager has $45 for an ounce of perfume?

Then Luke and I went out to get new cell phones. (Can you call them “cell” phones anymore?  That’s sounds very old-fashioned.  Saying “mobile” phone makes more sense but also makes it seem like I’ve been reading too may British novels lately.  Maybe only if I pronounce it MO-bile instead of mo-bul.)  Anyhow… I wanted to downsize from my brick of a Treo to something small and flippy but still with a QWERTY keyboard because I don’t think I can go back to texting on a number keypad.  The phone I found that I fell in love with was the LG Lotus, which – hey guess what – is a teenage girl’s phone.

So what does this say about me?  33 is the age at which I turn into a teenage girl?  Will I now start texting at the dinner table and hanging out at Abercrombie?  God, I hope not.  At least I got the black phone, and maybe it’s the more grown up Truly Pink fragrance I’m looking for.  That one comes with an Amazon recommendation to also buy the Benjamin Button DVD and a Steve Winwood CD.  Now that’s more like it.


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