My neighbor just emailed me some pictures she’s had on her camera since LAST SUMMER and a few of them were just too funny, I had to share.

Let’s all travel back to last summer…


I see you have a cookie.


Are you done with that cookie?

It looks so warm in these pictures, I can’t wait for summer.  That little munchkin in the pictures with the cookie she isn’t sharing with Molly is Emmy, my neighbor’s granddaughter.

Alright, now, let’s shift gears to fall.


Please overlook the fact that the hayride participants and the driver, himself are all holding beers.  Luke is, in fact, drinking while driving the tractor.  It was cold, the Guinness and the warm puppy were keeping me from freezing.   That’s the story I’m going with.  We are responsible neighbors.  I swear.


Aww… see, how could you not trust a face like that?  Thanks, Renee, for the pictures.  Next year I look forward to seeing another 12-months worth of pictures from your camera!


One Comment

  1. I wish we could find a happy medium somewhere between the heat and humidity that drives us to the water under extreme duress, and the cold and biting chill of the late fall. Oh, wait…if my memory serves me correctly, I think I found it once up a time in Monterey, CA!


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