Well the strawberry won out over the carrot.  I do like the way some of you are thinking though, and if I have the time, I may just make both.  I managed to talk myself out of making new curtains for the living room, and instead decided to buy all new cabinet handles and drawer pulls for the kitchen.  I blame this most recent insanity on my sister, not my Martha tendencies.

My sister is in the super-fun planning phase of a complete kitchen remodel.  The exciting part where we spend a good amount of time looking at magazines and design books and imagining how awesome her new kitchen will be.  I’m very happy for her – no one deserves a kitchen re-mod more than she does – but now I’m jealous.  My kitchen only about 15 years old and is not in need of a remodel but it looks so old and drab.  It was built in the ’90s by a couple who were quite fond of the ’70s.  And not the ironic, kitschy ’70s – the hideous olive and harvest gold ’70s.

Everything is beige and dark oak with distressed brass hardware.  You can just imagine the mushroom motif dinner plates that would go perfectly in the cabinets.  As the appliances have been kicking the bucket we’ve been replacing them with beautiful stainless steel models and decorating with bold colors and eclectic antique store oddities.  I thought I liked the look of it but then I saw a picture of the kitchen the other day that made me want to rip everything out and start over.  The cabinets all looked so drab, especially with that hideous hardware.

When faced with the choice of a $20,000 kitchen remodel or finally investing the $150 to buy forty-three, yes, forty-three damn cabinet handles and drawer pulls, it seemed pretty obvious.  $150 didn’t sound so bad anymore so I promptly went to Lowe’s and found just what I was looking for.

Simple brushed silver. Clean, smooth, not at all ’70s-like: perfect.

I bought these for the drawers. I love them, they remind me of both a hardware store cabinet and a library card catalog.  And here’s the big picture:

Aah… much better.  Now there are two days left until our Mother’s Day breakfast and you know what I’m thinking?  New paint.


One Comment

  1. Did you just say “paint?” That should really be a four-letter word. Just reading the word makes me want to cry. But the new hardware looks great! Now show me the strawberries.


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