Strawberry vs. Carrot

Since I am a mom to only those of the four-legged persuasion, I tend to host the Mother’s Day celebrations in my family.  And since, you already know about my chronic Martha-itis which strikes hard whenever I am having people over, I’m not embarrassed to tell you that I’ve been thinking about and planning this event for quite a while now.  I’ve made a new tablecloth, purchased the fabric for the coordinating napkins, and I’m still contemplating the new living room curtains.  I’m also thinking about the menu.  We’re getting together early for breakfast, so my recipe choices are limited, but in my opinion, I don’t think it’s ever too early to eat cupcakes.

My family is crazy about strawberries, so when I saw this recipe in Cooking Light for a strawberry layer cake, I knew I had to somehow fit that into breakfast.  I rationalized that strawberries are as much a fruit as bananas, and one wouldn’t think twice about having banana bread for breakfast, so why should strawberry cake be any different?  I figured that if I made them in the form of a cupcake, they would be much more breakfast friendly.  I had a plan, I was excited to make strawberry breakfast muffin-cupcakes.

And then I saw this recipe on 101 Cookbooks for carrot cake and now I’m torn.  First off, I would like to BE Heidi of 101 Cookbooks.  She’s gorgeous and takes amazingly delicious photos and is adventurous and successful in the kitchen.  I would like her to come to my kitchen with a few of her cookbooks and make me something delicious. (Like this whiskey and wheat berry salad because it looks so lovely and I want to convince myself that I do like wheat berries.)

But anyhow, that carrot cake sounds amazing and now I can’t decide what to make.  Strawberry muffins or delicious-looking carrot cake?  Help me decide.  Which would you pick?



  1. My vote is for strawberry. Granted, my reasons are purely selfish. If you serve cupcakes, it justifies the brownie I ate at 9:30 this morning…right!?


  2. oh, please, strawberry!!! and i just wanna add that i wish i was your sister or your uncle’s cousin or your mother’s sister-in-law-twice removed or something. i’d love to come to your house for any occasion!! 🙂


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