Spiffing Up

I had to do a bit of housecleaning today, spiff up the place, you know, because we may be getting a few new visitors over here.  Now sit up straight, let’s try to make a good impression on the new folks.  Hi new folks!

Today I am proud to be a part of the First Friday Giveaway over at the beautiful Beauty That Moves site.


Heather, of Beauty That Moves, is practically my next door neighbor.  We visit the same places, walk the same woods, shop at the same flea market, and she even sells her wares at the same Farmers’ Market that I love and visit every week in the summer.  (Of course I was too shy to introduce myself last summer at the Market, hopefully I’ll get up the nerve this year.)  Anyhow, despite our many opportunities to trip over each other, I found Heather’s website via SouleMama (another beautiful blogger from Portland, ME).  Once again, it’s taken the vastness of the Internet to find a friend in my back yard.

I’ve been reading Heather’s site now for just under a year and will continue to read until she decides to stop writing.  I can’t get enough of the beautiful photos of her warm and lovely home; her gorgeous handcrafts; her delicious recipes (like this bread – oh my, this bread – go make it NOW); and her honest writing which is calming, inspiring, and so open and friendly that I feel like I’ve been a friend of Heather’s for years despite the fact that we have never even met.

For the past few months now, Heather has been holding First Friday Giveaways where readers can enter into a random drawing to receive handcrafts and vintage items either from Heather’s stash, or donated by talented and crafty readers.  Being a fan and a crafty reader, myself, I decided to donate a small sampling of goods from my shop for May’s giveaway.  Head over there now and comment on the post and you may be the lucky winner!

Stick around while you’re there and get to know Heather a bit.  Start where I did last summer with her Month of Balance series.  Here are some of my favorites: Day 7Day 18 (I still have to make that skirt!), and Day 21.  Here’s her spot at the Farmers’ Market (one month and counting till it opens again!).  And don’t forget to visit her Etsy shops: Mayberries Vintage for the most gorgeous thrifted antique and vintage goodies, and the Beauty That Moves shop which is closed at the moment, but worth checking back in on for her lovely handmade things.

OK, I think I may have exceeded my link quotient for the week, welcome and thanks for visiting to all new people reading this today, best of luck to all who enter the contest, and thank you to Heather for including me and mentioning my little corner of the Internet on your gorgeous site.



  1. Hi Lisa,
    I found your blog through Heather’s site and just wanted to say thank you for making this amazing and beautiful giveaway possible!

    Have great day and
    greetings from Germany,


  2. I just came across your blog from Heather’s and I love it! You do beautiful work! Thank you so much for the generous giveaway at Beauty that Moves.


  3. Hi! I am visiting from Heather’s blog. What a fantastic giveaway! I love her blog as do you. I am looking forward to this visit~ you have some very beautiful pieces!


  4. Another happy visitor who found you through Heather’s site – very glad to have found your blog 🙂


  5. hi lisa! isn’t this fun!? thank you for hanging with me today… and you best introduce yourself at the market in a few weeks!!

    i’m so glad you approve of the photos, gosh i was nervous about that part. 😉


  6. Oh crap, I didn’t know we were having visitors! I would’ve done my hair! ; ) Can’t wait to check out the links and visit yet another person who can school me in crafts and cooking any day of the week, and twice on Sundays (maybe three times).


  7. Hi Lisa!

    I also found you through Heather’s blog and I just wanted to say thanks so much for being so generous for the giveaway at Beauty that Moves. I love your work!

    So glad to have found your blog and I look forward to catching up.

    Enjoy your weekend!


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