Not Dead Yet

You were worried, weren’t you?  Well worry no more, the tooth extraction, although pretty crappy, did not kill me.  It did, however put me into a funk like no other.  I think the dentist may have pulled my funny tooth because I now can think of nothing interesting to say, to blog, to Twitter about, or to post on Facebook.  I am empty of creativity and all I want to do is sleep.  Luckily, the massive doses of both sunshine and ice cream have been working their magic and making me feel less lousy and more human over the past couple of days.

Feeling as though I should write about something other than my vanity about the gaping hole in my face – the hole that Luke tells me only I can see, yet the hole I know is there and which makes me feel very self conscious – I thought I might talk about my new lens.  Paula was disappointed, on the last post, that I took a picture OF the lens, not WITH it, so here you go.  These shots are all my early attempts at figuring out what in the world to do with a fisheye lens.  If I zoom in just a bit, I can get a fun house mirror effect, like in the first picture, with only a little darkening of the edges.  If I zoom in all the way, I get the cool circular shot above.

When I learn to control the distortion, the lens will come in handy for wide-angle shots, too.  It’s truly amazing how wide the shot can be.  The shot above, of our favorite maple tree, was taken with the fisheye while standing in the same place as this shot below, taken without.

Weird, huh?  I think it’s going to be fun to play with  And even if I can’t get it to work on the camera, I still like the look of the shots through the lens.


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