Happy Earth Day/Birthday

There are two reasons to celebrate today.  It is not only Earth Day, it is also the day, four years ago, that this happened:

FOUR YEARS!?  I can’t get over that.  He was a just little nugget, and now look at him, he’s a superhero:

Happy Birthday Alex! And Happy Earth Day to everyone.  Do something good for the earth today.  It’s not hard. I, for instance, planted a dwarf lime tree so I will never run out of limes for my gin and tonics.  See?  Plant a tree and celebrate Earth Day.  I’ll drink to that.


One Comment

  1. Hi! I found you from Beauty that Moves. My son also has a birthday on April 22. What a great day to be born! My baby turned 6.

    A very generous giveaway you have offered. Gorgeous items! You’ve got talent. 🙂


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