Planning Ahead

This week we got a few big steps step closer to our St. Martin dream vacation.  I bought a new bathing suit, Luke confirmed that he had the week we wanted off from work, and the call was placed to reserve the condo.  Eeeeee!!!

I’m still trying to calm myself an not get too excited because there are still several dangling threads attached to this vacation that could unravel at any moment. Until all of those lose ends are tied up, I’m still saying that we *might* be going to St. Martin in October. MIGHT.

In the event that we *might* go, here are a few of the things I’ve decided I need to make for our potential vacation.

caboThe Amy Butler Cabo Halter:

Here’s a beautiful one on Flickr:

And another (I love this fabric):

And one turned into a dress – BRILLIANT!



The Amy Butler Weekender Bag:weekender-bag

I love this bag. I’m not sure I have strong enough sewing skills to tackle the pattern.  From what I’ve read, it’s not the easiest, but I love it so much.

Look at this gorgeous one:

And this one! This is my favorite new Anna Maria Horner fabric (drool, drool):

OK, one more, this is how mine might look on the beach in St. Martin:



large_027-blue-skies-hatsThe Amy Butler Blue Sky Sun Hat:

I have some white light denim material that I’ve been holding onto thinking that it might make a nice sun hat.  Although all of these fabric patterns are so pretty, maybe I’ll have to make a few.

Oh look, here’s one in my favorite apple and pear fabric:

And again, how it will look on the beach:

The hat even looks good on a labradoodle:


Amy Butler may have to sponsor my vacation after all that.  I’m not sure what I’ll get to, I think I’ll make the hat(s) first, then maybe the halter.  I even considered making my own bathing suit the other day.  We’ll see about that.  Stay tuned for more vacation-fueled delusions of sewing grandeur.


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