I love awkward people.  Maybe they make me feel less awkward myself, maybe I can relate to feeling out of place, whatever the case the socially awkward of the world are my favorite people.  I want to take them under my arm and encourage them, and when someone laughs at them, I want to punch those people in the face.

I think what I really like about awkward people is their lack of a protective shield.  They don’t pretend to be someone or something else, they’re just themselves, giggles and snorts, inappropriate nervous jokes, vulnerable and real, and that makes me love them no matter how weird they may come off.


Recently, one of my favorite awkward people was Steve Wozniak.  Watching Steve try so hard on Dancing with the Stars and earnestly have such a great time just warmed my heart.  When it came time to hear from the judges, I held my breath, hoping they wouldn’t be mean to Steve.  Really, how could you be mean after watching this?

After Steve, my other recent favorite awkward person has to be Internet sensation and Britain’s Got Talent contestant, Susan Boyle.  You must have seen her already, I ,myself, have watched this video probably six or eight times already and nearly cried each time.  Take a moment and go watch it again (or for the first time).


Susan was on The Early Show this morning and I wanted to reach into the television and give her a big hug.  She’s funny and honest and real and completely awkward but completely herself.  (Oh, and also she has an AMAZING voice, duh.)  She mentioned in the YouTube video from Britain’s Got Talent that she had never been married, never been kissed (“but that’s not an advert!”) and that got me thinking.  Can you guess what I’m thinking?

I think that Steve and Susan are a match made in reality television heaven.  Don’t you?  Steve could swoop in on his Segway and carry sweet, unemployed, never-been-kissed Susan off into the sunset where they could live happily ever after.  Someone needs to make this happen.



  1. Ahh! I hadn’t thought that, but what a fantastic idea!!

    Susan just doesn’t seem to know what to do with her newfound fame, does she!?? I watched her talking with Diane Sawyer and she actually said “No comment!” to the question about never being kissed!! 🙂 Sweet.


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