What I Love: Salonpas


I’ve called these my “Magic Patches” and they really are.  I’m not one to believe in topical remedies or quick-fix gimmicks – as my mom once told me, you wouldn’t pour a soda on your neck if you were thirsty – but no matter what my common sense or my doctor tells me, these patches work for me.

Salonpas are tingly mentholated patches used for muscle pain relief, similar to Tiger Balm or Icy Hot rub, but with the added convenience of stick-it-on-and-go.  They come in small 1.5 x 3-inch self-adhesive patches that you stick directly on the site of your pain.

I was first introduced to Salonpas at my old job by my Secret Santa.  That year’s Secret Santa and I both had chronic low back pain and she gave the patches to me as a gift. I was skeptical, but in a moment of desperation I tried them out and have been a fan ever since. They were the best gift ever. I swear.

Saturday night, the suspected dislocated rib I mentioned earlier was hurting so badly that I couldn’t sleep.  There was pain in my shoulder, in my chest, and thanks to the raking I did in the yard on Saturday, in my forearm and wrist.  Frustrated and sore,  I got out of bed and, in the dark, stuck Salonpas patches everywhere it hurt.  I climbed back in bed covered with six patches, reeking of minty menthol, but happy.  The tingly heat soothed my aches and I was finally able to sleep.  I woke up in the morning, looked in the mirror and thought, “this is gonna hurt”.  Just a warning – they stick well.  Be prepared for a slight waxing if you happen to be hairy where you put the patch – like, say, your forearm.  They tear off like a big band aid and the relief they offer is worth any hair-yanking when they come off.

So anyhow, 300 words to tell you how much I love menthol patches. That’s almost as bad as my love letter to the OMOP.  Don’t you wish you could hang out with me?  My life is so wild and exciting.

Salonpas can be found at most drug stores and only cost about $4 for a box of 40.  A serious deal, if you ask me.  Oh, one more tip – they dry out so keep the unused patches sealed in a plastic bag. Now go, get minty, and feel the releif.

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