Randomness for Today

Random photos from around my house to highlight the randomness of my thoughts at the moment.


I trapped a tiny mouse in my office this morning between a stack of copy paper and a wire mesh desk organizer.  He stayed here for two hours tightly trapped, until the exterminator showed up and accidentally let him loose.  The irony.


I thought this was too good of a deal not to share… Have a bunch of photos to print?  Snapfish is offering 75 SEVENTY-FIVE! 4×6 prints for $9.99, shipping included.  Just use the code BUNDLE09 before March 12.  Hurry!


Anyone watch Dancing With The Stars last night?  I’m a little shocked that my early favorites are Steve-O and Gilles, the naked neighbor in the shower on the Sex and the City movie.  Also Steve Wozniak because, come on!  He’s so nerdy I want to hug him, but physical contact would probably make him uncomfortable.  Someone on Twitter asked if he could please dance to “Mr. Roboto” next week and I second that.


I made a new necklace!  Go see…


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