OK, Fine.

I’ll admit, the snow is awfully pretty.  When it started snowing fat, fluffy, snowglobe-like flakes on Sunday morning, I was not a happy girl.  My mom tried to encourage me to notice how pretty it was but I wasn’t having any part of that.  It was SNOWING and it wasn’t SUPPOSED to be (in my opinion). But this morning I went out with the dogs and it was so sparkly and pretty, I had to go back in and get my camera.

Oh right, dogs. I forgot to mention that we’re watching Leo for a few days.  Remember Leo?  He went back home to his mom after the last visit and I’m happy to report that she’s been much better at training him and taking him to doggie daycare and he’s a much happier pup.

So anyhow, snow, pretty, whatever.  I can finally appreciate its sparkly, quiet beauty today only because I just saw that it may reach 60 degrees this weekend. Be pretty all you want but melt away quickly.  Bring on the spring!


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