What I Love: Method OMOP

photo courtesy of Lil Moxey on Flickr (because I’m too lazy to take one)

I happened to be looking for something entirely unrelated to floor cleaning at the grocery store the other day when a big CLEARANCE!! sign caught my eye and twisted my arm and forced me to leave the store with my new favorite household helper: The Method OMOP.

Our entire house is covered in wood laminate flooring.  1,400 square feet of smooth unforgiving floor, no rugs in sight, and I don’t own a vacuum.  Luckily Molly doesn’t shed, but our house is surrounded by mud and wood chips and between Luke’s boots and the shaggy pup, the floor is always covered with some sort of grit.  I’ve tried almost every mop device out there trying to find the perfect one.

I have a Swiffer… meh.  It’s OK, but the wet cloths are useless and I have to use an entire box of dry cloths to clean the whole house.  I use it occasionally to dust under the couch and the places that the broom won’t reach, but I prefer using the dry cloths alone to dust the furniture, rather than using them on the floor. My biggest complaint is that after going over the floor with the Swiffer, I still need the dust pan to pick up all the dirt I’ve been pushing around.

I have an Orange Glo Micro Fiber Mop with the removable, washable pads that I like a lot, but I’ve gone through two and am currently using one with a broken handle.  Perhaps I’m an aggressive mopper, I don’t know, but I seem to bend and break the handles.

I borrowed the Shark Steam Mop from my sister and tried it on my filthy floors.  It was OK.  It was good for tough stains, like the worn in grease around the stove, but the cord was annoying and the floor was clean, but streaky afterwards.  My biceps were screaming after cleaning the house, it’s not the easiest to push around, and I’m not sure it’s worth the $80 price tag.

Enter the OMOP:  I love it.  First off, as with all Method products, the packaging!  I love the packaging.  The OMOP came in recycleable bamboo packaging and featured corn-based dry duster clohs that you can toss in your compost pile.  I don’t have a compost pile yet, and even if I did it would be covered in 9-inches of snow at the moment, but I love the idea that they’re completely biodegradable.  The handle is curved and snaps together snugly, the head pivots easily and all in all it’s easy to use well-designed, and pretty, as far as mops go.

So now for the real test… I dry mopped the whole house – did I mention that the dry dusting coths are ginormous?  They’re much bigger than Swiffer cloths, which means that one goes a loong way.  I was pleasantly surprised that the dry cloth picked up most, if not all of the grit on the floor.  I did need the dust pan for some of the big chunks of stuff, but I really don’t expect any dry cloth to pick up the pebbles and sticks that come in with Molly and Luke.  It fit everywhere and swiveled much easier than the Swiffer and was a million times more user-friendly than the Orange Glo mop.

Tonight I tried wet mopping and that sealed the deal.  I’m tossing my broken Orange Glo mop and giving away my Swiffer.  The wet-mopping was perfect – clean floor, no streaks, dried quickly, no complaints.  Having one mop for the dry dust-mopping and the wet-mopping greatly pleases the storage freak that I am who hates hates hates to have multiple tools cluttering up the closet.  Now in the closet I have only one broom and one mop, and best of all, the washable cloths from the Orange Glo mop fit on the OMOP – bonus!

So there you are 640 words dedicated to my love of a mop, but seriously, it’s a great mop.  And get up and go now to Waldbaum’s Super Foodmart to get one at 50% off while they last.  The wood floor kit and one box of dry dusters both rang up for less than $20.  A serious deal.

3 thoughts on “What I Love: Method OMOP

  1. OK, how much do you want to pick me up one? I’m willing to pay a finders/shoppers fee. I’ve been trying to buy the Swifter wet jet refill for wood floors for over a month. Every time I remember to look for it, it’s either out of stock or the stores don’t carry it. I’m losing my mind looking at our dirty floors. You know me. I can’t take it. This sounds like a better solution. Are you sure it’s the same deal for both laminate and wood floors? I want one. Maybe two!

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