What I Love: Feeling Better

I’m not entirely there yet, but I’m making progress.  And what’s helping is these little packets of Emergen-C.  Have you tried Emergen-C?  I used to add drops of an echinacea tincture to orange juice and suck on vitamin C drops whenever I started to feel sick, but that reqired a lot of effort, and various bottles and products.  I tried Airborne, I thought it worked well, but I would hesitate taking it because I didn’t like that salty taste it left in my mouth.  I found Emergen-C at the local health food store and was intrigued.  Little packets of magic vitamin dust that you dissolve in a bit of water and take several times a day to fight off colds.  It was worth a try, and I really love it.  It comes in several flavors, this one is tangerine, but pink grapefruit is my favorite.  Our local health food store carries the entire line, but Stop & Shop recently started to carry it for $5 less a box, but only in tangerine and cherry.  I’m willing to pass up pink grapefruit in favor of saving $5.  So before you catch another strain of whatever this bug is that’s going around, go out and get yourself a box of Emergen-C and stay healthy!


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