Sick Bed

We are still a house under plague. I’m achy and whiney. Luke’s tired and grumpy. Molly threw up on the couch this morning.  So who wants to come visit?

The sickness finally hit me on Friday just hours before a Girls’ Night gathering was scheduled to begin at my house. About 3/4 of the girls were sick so it wasn’t my fault that we canceled, and lucky we did because I was in no state to host a party by 7pm.

Today I’m missing out in a book club lunch because I still feel like truck ran me over, and the missing lunch part making me very sad.

Someone send ice cream.  Woe is me… or woe is us, I guess I should say.



  1. What on earth is this sickness? I have it too… I’m an achy whiny basket case… I must have woken up a million times last night in an all out fight with my blankets… poor Jason.


  2. Hey, at least you can contemplate having ice cream without wanting to hurl, which means you’re better off than I was! Hope you are all feeling better!


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