All Clear

I bought a universal remote control.  I was a little nervous, considering that Click had been playing on TV a lot at the time, but I was determined to get rid of a few remotes.

We had gotten a new hand-me-down television from my sister a while back and for some reason I wasn’t able to program the remote from our DVD player/sound system for the new TV.  We had to go back and forth between the DVD remote and the TV remote to watch TV, adjust the volume, change the channels, etc.  It was all very annoying.

At about the same time, we had a big thunderstorm with a lot of lightning and our cable went out.  It eventually came back, but the picture was fuzzy and the TV in the bedroom could no longer get any channels below 8.  Luke suspected that the amplifier we have on the cable coming into the house may have been fried by a lightning strike but rather than buying a new one, he wanted to finally tackle our odd cable configuration and fix it so we wouldn’t need the amplifier.  While we waited for him to get up the nerve to mess with the cable and/or call the cable company, we were able to somewhat fix the fuzzy picture problem in the living room by watching the TV through the VCR.  But we still had the problem of two remotes.

I bought the new universal remote to fix this problem and attempted to program the TV, DVD player, and VCR.  Our VCR is so old that the remote didn’t even have the codes for it in the manual and I had to go online to find more.  Nothing I tried worked to program the VCR, which normally wouldn’t have been an issue (I don’t remember the last time I used the VCR), except that we now needed to use the VCR to watch TV with a clear picture.  Dilemma!

I had the choice of 1.) using the DVD remote (which often mistakes the 0 button for the 7 button) and the TV remote, 2.) using the universal remote and the VCR remote, or 3.) calling the cable company, but that would have ruined the fun.  At about this point in our story, it is Christmas, I receive the awesome Roku player which comes with its own special little remote, and now we’re up to three remotes.

Sometime last week Luke brought home another universal remote, bringing our coffee table remote count up to four.  I tried and tried this past weekend to program the remote but it came without a manual and even after finding instructions online, I couldn’t even get the TV programmed.  That was it.  The next day I went out and bought a new amplifier and crossed my fingers that this would fix the fuzzy picture and allow us to finally stop using the VCR and whittle the remotes down to one and a half (the Roku remote is tiny).

$30 and five minutes to remove the old amplifier and install he new one and HOLY SMOKES!  What a clear picture.  I had forgotten what it was like to watch TV without the snow all over the picture.  Hooray!  The TV in the bedroom now gets all of the channels and we can watch TV without the VCR. Luke hid the extra remotes away and last night it was a delight to only have one remote to deal with.

And then I put in a DVD.  And for some strange the-universe-hates-me reason, I now have to turn the VCR on to get the DVD to come in clearly.  Fan-freakin-tastic.

See I was trying to come up with something non-wedding related to write about today and now you all  probably wish I had just shown you pictures of the delicious chocolate wedding cake or explained how I resurrected a few of the blurry photos with some of the Pioneer Woman’s awesome Photoshop actions.  Sorry, I promise to be more interesting next week.


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