The Puffer

I really wish it had a different name…  Last night I went to Ritz Camera to buy a pouch for my extra lens.  Since I was there, I also thought I’d check to see if they had any pop-up flash diffusers like I had read about in this book (which is a fantastic resource, by the way).  They did, they had a Puffer.  It was cheap so I thought I’d give it a try.  So far, so good.

The pop-up flash on the camera can be harsh, and since I don’t have the camera funds to buy an external flash yet, the pop-up flash is all I’ve got to work with.  The Puffer slides into the flash mount on top of the camera and subtly filters the flash, making the pictures less flat and the colors more natural.

Here are my nighttime comparisons in, apparently, my favorite spot for picture-taking: the kitchen.

The oranges on the left were taken without the Puffer.  See how the color is somewhat blue and the lighting is operating-room bright?  The oranges on the right were taken with the Puffer and look warmer and more natural-looking. Well, in my opinion, they do.

The difference here is a little more subtle, can you tell which was taken with the Puffer?  Again the one on the right (taken with the Puffer) is eversoslightly warmer than the one on the left.  Now the important question, how will it work on the dog?

I didn’t correct the green in her eyes because I wanted to show how not-too-bad it was.  Her nose was only about 8-inches from the lens, making the flash maybe only a foot or so from her face.

I think the Puffer was definitely worth the $20 price tag.  It’s easy to attach and remove. It comes apart easily and packs flat in my camera bag.  It’s all plastic, meaning that I probably won’t break it.  I approve!



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