What I Love : Terra Tints

Come on now, who doesn’t love a theme?  Especially lately, when I’m grumpy and in need of sunshine and something to write about; a new theme is just what I need.  Today I’m launching “What I Love” a place to show off some things I enjoy and a good way to post something positive on days like today when… well you really don’t want to hear it.

So, what do I love?  I love Terra Tints.

I have a little love/hate relationship with lipstick.  I am constantly buying new lipsticks, lip glosses, lip potions and whatever else is sold for the lips and I am almost never happy.  My lipstick needs are simple: 1.) it needs to be lightly tinted, but not too lightly tinted.  I want it to make a subtle difference, but not scream HI HERE ARE MY LIPS. 2.) I need to be able to apply it without looking, for instance, while driving, without worrying that I’ll look like I’m on a crazy manic spree with lipstick everywhere but where it should be. 3.) it needs to not dry out my lips. 4.) it needs to not cost more than a tank of gas in my car.  Because I will lose it at some point, or put it in the wash by accident and I don’t want to be devastated by losing a $30 tube of lipstick.

Enter, Terra Tints by Alba.  Less than $6, sold at most grocery stores, easy to apply, gives off a lovely minty moisturizing tingle, and lightly tinted in six shades of pretty.  I have Blaze, Bloom, and Sienna and I alternate daily, trying to decide which I like best.  I like them all the best.  Yay Terra Tints.



  1. It’s very similar but I like the thicker tube of the Terra Tints better than the Burt’s Bees smaller tube. It just makes it easier to put on for this lazy lip gloss wearer.


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