A New Obsession

I believe I’ve been bitten by the embroidery bug. I now think that everything could be better with a little embroidery. I’m designing new pillows, updating old ones, and best of all, making pincushions!

I love these.  I already have enough pincushions of my own so I’m thinking of putting these in the shop.  They’re so much fun to make.  I made the one with the bird (which really looks like an Easter chick but that’s not what I was aiming for) while I watched Private Practice last night.

And can I say, the whole hype about a “Grey’s AnatomyPrivate Practice Two Hour Special Event” last night? Shenanigans.  There was no point at which the two shows crossed.  I was very disappointed.  Next week it looks like the characters will actually be on the same set together so NEXT week can get the “2-Hour Special Event” hype.

So anyhow, pincushions! Cute, no?  Stay tuned for a shop update and more embroidered things, I’m sure.



  1. I fantasize about a life where I had that much free time on my hands. They are adorable. But I wonder, how much will you be making per hour for your efforts? I’m thinking you have to sell those pin cushions for a minimum of $50 each.


  2. Isn’t American Idol an hour long? There’s an hour of your time. I made one in the time it took me to watch Private Practice – that’s an hour. I make them just for fun, to keep my hands busy while I watch TV. I don’t expect to make a living selling them. Otherwise yes, I’d say they’d have to be about $50 each.


  3. I’m jealous because if I had an hour of time to watch TV, I’d probably fall asleep! I wish I had half the creativity that you do. By the end of the night, the extent of my creativity is arranging the dirty dishes so there appears to be less than there really are. Love the pin cushions!


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