Get it?  Heart. Felt.  HA!  I’m a genius.  But anyhoo… aren’t these cute?  I made them over the weekend, inspired by this post on Purl Bee.  The embroidery floss was already out, and there are always felt scraps around the house.  (Or is that just me? I always have pipe cleaners, too. Is that weird?)

Of course, patterns are like recipes which means I just can’t follow them.  I embroidered mine since I’ve been embroider-y lately.  I didn’t think I’d wear a fluffy heart pin so I thought I’d make them as decorations instead.  And I couldn’t find my pinking shears when I was making them  so they have smooth edges, but I just found my pinking shears so I think I might try cutting them now.  Or should I leave them?  I can’t decide.  But either way, you should try making them.  Oh – and they’re stuffed with regular, old cotton balls, since I always have those around, too.  See how simple?  Now you have no excuse not to make your own.



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