*Alternate title: “The Secret – It Really Works!” also “How to Justify Buying Something Expensive That You Really, Really Want”

It’s a big day.  I am now an official card-carrying (or camera-carrying) member of the cool kids DSLR camera club. The CKDSLRCC? Well, we’ll have to work on our name, but in the meantime, check me out!

This past fall I started looking into DSLR cameras.  For those not in the know, DSLRs are the big cameras with interchangeable lenses that make you look like a professional, or the paparazzi. I love my regular point and shoot, it takes amazing photos 90% of the time, but the indoor shots have always been lacking. Also I love the look of photos taken with a DSLR where the subject of the picture is crisp and clean but the background is blurry.  Like these shots.  I wanted a DSLR but I didn’t need one, so I did some research and a lot of window shopping, preparing for the far-off day that I could afford to upgrade.

Well then three things happened.

First, my aunt showed up to a New Year’s brunch at my mom’s house with MY CAMERA.  Well, not my camera, but the one I had decided I would get once I located that money tree, or that winning lottery ticket.  I played with it and drooled over it and ached with jealousy that she had one and I didn’t.  Boo-hoo.

Next, Paula up and got a fancy new Nikon for Christmas.  And again with the jealousy.  But I’m (somewhat) patient and I figured I’d keep shopping around for deals, try to find some things to sell on ebay to raise money, and maybe buy one this summer.  Then I found a deal that I couldn’t stop thinking about.  The Canon Rebel that I had decided was for me, brand new, plus a sweet memory card, AND free shipping for $120 less than retail.  I sent Paula the link and told her that maybe I’d have to sell a kidney.  And then the third thing happened.

Some friends of ours are throwing together a very small wedding on Valentine’s Day.  The whole family and all of the friends are pitching in to help with their individual talents: designing invitations, making favors, etc. etc.  Well guess what they asked me to do?  That’s right, they want me to take their wedding pictures.  Just typing that makes me nervous – it’s such a huge responsibility – but I agreed.  And then I called Luke right away and told him that I had to get a new camera.  I was only half kidding.  I could shoot the wedding with my point and shoot, it would just be so much better with the DSLR.  And my wonderful husband agreed.  He told me to buy it, we’d figure out how to pay for it later. And so I did.

And here it is. I’m so excited. Now I have three weeks to master the controls and become a wedding photographer.

So you see?  Oprah was right – The Secret works!  I dreamed of having a DSLR, I imagined holding it in my hands, I found just the one I wanted, and the universe dropped the perfect excuse to buy one right in my lap!  Or perhaps I’m just really good at rationalizing my gadget purchases.  Either way, whoopee!!  I have a DSLR camera!!!



  1. I never know what I truly desire until I go to your page. I never knew DSLR cameras existed or what they were, but now I have to have one!


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