Rent to Own

Everyone, meet Leo.

He’s the pup we’re watching while his mom is away. We still don’t know what the final word will be on his possible adoption. The last we heard from his mom, she missed him so much and couldn’t wait to see him again.

He’s been a surprisingly delightful houseguest this weekend and only did a few minor things wrong which could have easily been blamed on puppy curiosity. For instance, stealing Luke’s wallet and hiding it in the couch cushions.  That was fun. But Luke probably shouldn’t have left his down at puppy height, and hey, at least he only hid it and didn’t chew it up.

Molly has been amazingly patient with him and has been sharing her house and her toys without much trouble.  The two of them are either sleeping together, wrestling, or playing tug-o-war.  It’s hilarious to watch.  She’ll act annoyed all with him, whining and barking and giving him the evil eye, but if he stops pulling on the toy she just stands there, dissapointed.

She taunts him when they’re outside to get him to chase her but his stubby little legs just can’t carry him as fast as Molly’s can.

We’re working on commands and he’s a quick learner.  So far he’s gotten “sit” and “come” down pretty well.  Hopefully we can work on “stay”.



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